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I been thinkin', y'all...

Welcome to my new blog! I'll be posting random thoughts about life, and will hopefully give you a laugh or two along the way. If you want the serious stuff, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I won't bombard your inbox, I promise.

I took a road trip last week and had plenty of time to ruminate while I was stuck behind 18-wheelers (if you want to avoid the trucks, travel during the weekend. Of course, then you have the idiot vacationers to deal with). But here's one I'm sure you've all experienced:

You're trucking along (so to speak,) bebopping to your favorite tunes, rolling along at (ahem) 78 mph. The guy in front of you is going 79. You come up on the big rig, and you both pull out to pass.

The guy who was driving faster than you were slooooowwwwwssss doooowwwwnnnn to about 73 as he paaaassssseeeesss thhhhheeee trrrruuuuccckkk.


Does he think the state trooper hidden in the median is less likely to stop him if he's passing at 79 mph, than he would if the guy is out in the open, rolling along at 79 all by himself? Seriously?

So I tap on the steering wheel, roll my eyes, blow out a breath, curse... none of it makes him speed up. Cars pile up behind me, and they weren't going but 75 to begin with.

The minute he clears the truck, he speeds up. But does he move into the right-hand lane? Of course not! He cruises along in the left lane because by god, that's HIS lane.

So I hit the gas the and pass the dude on the right and leave him in the dust.

And don't even try to tell me that's never happened to you. ;-)


The Darwin Awards

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to live.

These two guys have got to be brothers.


Stay tuned for more quips and quotes, 'cause I'm always thinkin', y'all!


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