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Australia Burns


A 3-volume anthology of short stories (all genres) with ALL proceeds going to the Australian Red Cross.

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An Anthology

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The Luck Bucket


Salvo, NC is a quaint Outer Banks beach town where visitors find more than an escape from their daily grinds...with a little bit of help. Follow five couples from different walks of life as they fall in love.

Meet Alexandra, a retired homeowner and writer, and Drake, a widower as they try to find that special romance one more time.

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A novella

coming Summer 2020

Diamond Sprinkle Vanilla

Katie Morland takes in every stray that wanders by, including ex-con Rusty Bennet. When his brother shows up, Rusty must choose between saving the young man, or protecting Katie.

A little paranormal humor?

Coming in 2020



Serendipity Lang, a graphic designer working for the People's Search for Supernatural Things (PSST), finds herself unreasonably attracted to a guy with frog eyes. Neither of them expects to be dragged into a case of corporate fraud and grandmother-napping.

When her two deceased dogs turn up to help them solve the case, they end up on a roller-coaster ride of danger and laughs.

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