A new series

starting in May 2021

Life's a Beach in OBX

Treasure by the Sea

Alexandra Prentiss rents rooms in her massive beachfront home, never expecting to be drawn into a treasure hunt with more than just  her love life at stake.

Song by the Sea

Nothing draws in Calinda Hawkins more than her love of the ocean. But how far will she go to live her dream?

A little paranormal humor?

Coming soon



Serendipity Lang, a graphic designer working for the People's Search for Supernatural Things (PSST), finds herself unreasonably attracted to a guy with frog eyes. Neither of them expects to be dragged into a case of corporate fraud and grandmother-napping.

When her two deceased dogs turn up to help them solve the case, they end up on a roller-coaster ride of danger and laughs.

Sweets by the Sea

Katie Morland takes in every stray that wanders by, including ex-con Rusty Bennet. When his brother shows up, Rusty must choose between saving the young man, or protecting Katie.